Terms of Service

Each order you place is a legally enforceable contract. If you don’t pickup any part of your order from the individual vendors from whom you ordered, you are still obligated to pay for your items as the producer harvested and/or packed them for you and will have them ready for you at their booth.

Our work is to provide an online portal so that customers may easily find a broad selection of fresh farmers’ market products and so producers can easily sell their harvest. We provide a method for a pre-paid, pre-order pick up at the market - in essence creating a “hybrid market” that can expand to include more browsing or contract to a pre-order only model depending upon the community’s health. When you Shop Local Food you support the resiliency and strength of our local food system. Help us keep you and our vendors safe while purchasing online to help create a more robust local food system for us all.

Sustainable CAPE’s goal is to utilize technology to better connect harvester to customer and to educate about seasonal products available for purchase. Understanding that each time we buy food we “vote” with our dollars is important. Together we can build a deeply rooted food system that provides food access to all neighbors, offers bountiful healthful food, benefits our local economy and protects farmland and the natural resources (land and water) that enable our local food.

Thank you.